African - Djembe or Jembe pronounced (gem-bay)
The djembe is a powerful goblet shaped drum that has big bass, tones, and high cracking slaps. The Djembe has spread throughout the world uniting people through rhythm. In traditional Bamana language the name for the djembe is “JebeBara”. “JebeBara” literally translates to “Unity Drum”. This is the power of the djembe, it calls people of all races, cultures, and ages together in Unity. Read more about the Djembe / Jembe by Eric Charry.

Djembe's available from Guinea / Ivory Coast / Mali / Senegal / Ghana / USA - REMO

Middle Eastern - Doumbek or Darabukke or Tarabuka or Darbuk -
The Doumbek has a combination of deep bass tones and crisp high tones. It is smaller than a djembe and is constructed out of aluminum, copper, brass, nickel, ceramic or clay, and wood depending on the region it is from.

Doumbek's available in Aluminum / Nickel / Ceramic or Clay / Wood

Asian - Klong Yaw -
The Klong-Yaw is a large goblet shaped drum, the bowl of the drum is more slender than the djembe and the stem is usually longer, it hails from Thailand. They were originally used in Thai Buddhist ceremonial music. Very hard to find a nice traditional instrument, REMO makes a Synthetic Klong Yaw.