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love drumMaking music and art have healing benefits, expression is a healthy way of reducing stress, and creating constructive dialog. It is through joyful, supported expressions that we increase the healing attributes with in and outside our bodies. The use of specific protocol enables our mind and bodies to relax, and enjoy this thing we call a drum / rhythm circle, where communities can decrease stress, feelings of anxiety, reduce boredom while increasing awareness and creating community.

EVERYBODY DRUM is a program using drumming, voice, and movement techniques to empower individuals and unite groups through teambuilding experiences.

The drum and various percussion instruments metaphorically represent the diverse generations, cultures and issues, providing an alternate voice for participants regardless of technical ability. The instrument becomes a vehicle of self expression, connecting individuals through a web of sounds connected to each other, groups and individuals form lasting bonds and trust while fostering a nurturing environment where rhythms become feelings that are shared constructively with each other.

Drumming connects us with the perpetual rhythms inside our own bodies, by understanding our own personnel rhythms, we learn the effects of our rhythms with others. Thus providing a powerful tool of communicating that unifies the group though cooperative expression.
The goal is to create an entertaining atmosphere that encourages communication, understanding and acceptance of one another. Drum circles offer relaxation, emotional release, and spiritual expression through social interaction. The experience can open doors - encouraging dialogue, help build self esteem, increase camaraderie, and a general sense of well being !

Music making has healing attributes, proven to relieve stress and elevate the human spirit !

EVERYBODY DRUM extends its offer of cultural enrichment to communities of all ages and backgrounds. EVERYBODY DRUM, has specific programs for your specific communities. We offer a professional way of sharing the art, rhythms and spirit in a safe, creative, empowering space !

Below is a list of Communities that use Drum Circles

Recreational, Festivals, Civic Groups, Community Centers, Church, Religious Orientation, Libraries, Foster Care, Schools (Public & Private), Day Care, Outdoor Learning, Hospitals, Detention Centers*, Government, Foster Care, At-Risk, Intergenerational, Multicultural, Corporations, Performances

Banks, Colleges, Conferences, Fortune 500 Companies, Retail Stores, Restaurants, Company Picnics, Government

Preschool, Elementary, Middle, High School, College, Culturally Specific, Continuing Education, Multigenerational

Healing - Life Enhancing / Self Help
Stress Relief, Therapeutic, Meditation, Free Form, Church, Religious Orientation, Men’s or Women’s Gatherings, Alcohol Anonymous, Rehab, Hospitals, Terminal Illness, Mental Illness, Well Elder Facilities, Nursing Homes, Detention Centers

Church, Religious Orientation, Meditation, Free Form, Gender Retreats, Men’s or Women’s Gatherings

Please contact for more information!!! Ken Crampton (540) 371-9040

Contact Ken Crampton to design your Rhythmical Experience today!

Community Drum circles are held all year round at Eyeclopes Studios, it is an open circle, multi-generational and multi-cultural, all empty circlelevels participate, Drums available for rent. Always extra shakers, and dancers honored!

EVERYBODY DRUM is also available for community, personal parties, festivals, music store promotions, teambuilding, well elder care facilities, hospitals, head start, and at risk programs. Almost any situation can host a Drum Circle, call and find out about our programs!! Drum Circle Facilitation, Team building, Community Building, Festivals, Churches, Djembe, Dounoun, Bougarabou Lessons. Drum Reheading and Starter to Professional Drums For Sale.Thanks Again!